About Dr. Sturdivant

Dr. Jeff Sturdivant graduated from the University of Iowa with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1989. He then enrolled in the Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ) program at the University of Minnesota, graduating in 1992. This specialized TMJ program specifically trained Dr. Sturdivant on the disorders and treatment of the jaw joint and associated symptoms. After completing his studies in TMJ, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota orthodontic program, graduating in 1994. Dr. Sturdivant joined Smile Orthodontics in 1994 and plans to stay in Des Moines for the duration of his professional life. Dr. Sturdivant is married to Stacy and as of 2010 has 3 children: Quinn, age 19, Chris age 14, and Cece (a.k.a.Princess), age 8. When Dr. Sturdivant isn’t focusing on family and orthodontics, he likes to golf and stay fit. He is an avid fan of the Iowa State Cyclones.

Dr. Sturdivant is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists, the Midwestern Society of Orthodontists and the Iowa Society of Orthodontists. Dr. Sturdivant is a Certified Damon Bracket System orthodontist.